An innovative digital solution, developed with over 70 years of engineering expertise and insight.

EFEXISTM, Chiyoda's innovative digital solution, improves the productivity and stability of industrial facilities. This cutting-edge digital solution manages and optimizes assets to improve performance, reduce costs, boost yield to increase margins and decrease the environmental impact needed to operate facilities. EFEXISTM offers solutions to social challenges by enabling operation and maintenance with no staffing, in keeping with our ethos of "Energy and Environment in Harmony." As an innovative digital solution, EFEXISTM can also provide clear insight into scaling and upgrading operations.

Creating a new standard to unleash untapped potential


An exponential boost in operational performance

The EFEXISTM exhibits a variety of asset management resources to increase the productivity of facility operations, drawing on a range of data sources to provide continuous, real-time monitoring, as well as guidance via the dashboard. No plant hardware modifications, interference with plant control systems or additional operating staff are required. Solutions that employ the EFEXISTM AI get smarter with increased use and benefit from continuous improvements in functionality, delivering even greater gains in performance, availability, operation and maintenance.

Our Values

Optimizing assets to improve margins and reduce environmental impact

EFEXISTM optimizes performance, improves stability and augments all aspects of operation and maintenance of any facility through several enhanced operational improvements. This highly effective technology continuously boosts margins by increasing yield, maintaining availability and upgrading the efficiency of maintenance procedures. EFEXISTM can contribute to reduce environmental impacts, such as CO2 emissions, by maximizing the operation of the facilities where it is utilized.


  • Improve Performance

    Improve yield, efficiency and output with performance optimization that adds revenue.

  • Improve Stability

    Predictive asset management avoids damage and disruption to help deliver improved margins.

  • Enhance Operation and Maintenance

    Highly efficient daily and periodic shutdown maintenance reduces risk as well as waste.

Our Technology

Unleashing untapped potential in every sector.

Our EFEXISTM technology is configured to meet the exacting demands of a whole range of industrial sectors. Chiyoda's engineering expertise and insight in these areas ensures that EFEXISTM can deliver efficiencies and enhancements that grow exponentially with the digital transformation of the operation.



CDU Operations Optimizer

LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM

  • maximizes return from LNG facility

Foaming Prediction AI System

  • minimizes OPEX of Oil Refinery

CDU Operations Optimizer

  • minimizes OPEX of Acid Gas Removal Unit

Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Company Limited
Courtesy of Oman LNG LLC
Courtesy of Qatargas Operating Company Limited

LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM, using Deep Learning AI technology to indicate continuous productivity improvement for the best LNG plant operations.

The CDU Operations Optimizer provides optimal operating parameters in real time during the switching operation.

Foaming Prediction AI system provides improved economic returns through mitigation of turndown and/or unplanned shutdown by predicting occurrence of foaming.

Our Transformations

EFEXISTM enhancements transform industrial operations.

A growing number of successful customer experiences provide sector-specific insights into the variety of ways EFEXISTM can transform industrial operations and radically enhance both daily output and long-term performance.