Senoro LNG

The demand for liquefied natural gas is expected to increase significantly in the future due to the increase in global energy demand and in response to environmental issues. In addition, reduction of LNG production cost is strongly required.

To apply AI technology to LNG plant operation, the AI system requires a large amount of learning data covering various cases, which cannot be obtained from actual plant operating data alone.

Chiyoda is the most experienced LNG contractor with experience in Engineering, Procurement and Construction for LNG plants over the past 50 years. We leverage these experiences and achievements, as well as a large amount of operation data, to train the AI tool.

In 2019 we succeeded in developing the "LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM". For the PT Donggi-Senoro LNG plant in Indonesia we confirmed increased LNG production through improved efficiency using the "LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM".

This is the first LNG plant in the world where an innovative AI solution has been introduced to safely increase LNG production and improve economic efficiency without any plant modification. Based on this experience we predict a typical NPV benefit for a mid-sized LNG train will be over $100 million USD.

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