Privacy Policy

April 1, 2013

In view of the importance of protecting the privacy of individuals and personally identifiable information ("personal information"), the Chiyoda Group takes appropriate measures when handling this information in compliance with the Chiyoda Information Security Management System and all applicable laws and guidelines.

All Chiyoda Group personnel, in cooperation with vendors, subcontractors and other business partners, are dedicated to preserving privacy and protecting personal information in accordance with the following guidelines.

  1. The acquisition and use of personal information shall be conducted fairly and in compliance with applicable laws, and personal information shall be used only for a definitive and legitimate need.
  2. Personal information shall not be used or disclosed for other than the originally intended purpose, and shall not be used or disclosed for a reason outside the intent and need of the original purpose.
  3. Personal information shall be correctly and accurately maintained.
  4. Personal information shall not be retained beyond the period required for the original purpose.
  5. Personal information shall not be provided or disclosed to a third party without consent from the person concerned, except in cases where the Chiyoda Group is required to supply such information by order of a court, legal authority or other official body. In cases where personal information is made available to a third party, except a court, legal authority or other official body, it is mandatory to conclude binding confidentiality contracts with third parties concerning personal information.
  6. The Chiyoda Group shall quickly and sincerely respond to inquiries and requests for modifications, amendments or deletions from an individual regarding his/her personal information.
  7. Appropriate security measures shall be taken to protect personal information from unauthorized access, revisions, disclosure and/or losses due to an accident.
  8. The Chiyoda Group compliance program, including this privacy policy, shall be reviewed from time to time, and shall be revised as necessary.

All personnel at the Chiyoda Group, regardless of where thy work, shall adhere to the directives set forth in this policy.

Privacy Policy