FCC AI Optimizer is a system that supports/optimizes the operation of the FCC (Fluid Catalytic Cracking) and RFCC (Residue FCC) unit through the following functions using AI:

  • Real-time predictions of conversion and recommended operation parameters
  • Optimization of the FCC operation (Cat/Oil ratio, Oil/Steam ratio) in conjunction with future Advanced Process Control
  • Prediction of afterburn occurrence and mapping of afterburn severity
  • Identify operation parameters related to afterburn and provide operation guide
  • Want to know the reaction status in real time Want to avoid the afterburn in the regenerator

  • Flexible operation for variable crude oils Identification of operation parameters

  • Engineering x AI

  • FCC AI Optimizer

Operational issues with the FCC unit

The FCC unit and RFCC unit have the following various operational issues:

  • Delay in grasping reaction activity, decrease in reaction activity, decrease in product yield
  • Combustion failure / afterburning in the regenerator
  • Cyclone wear, catalyst scattering, wear on each part
  • Thermal fatigue / damage of internal parts

By solving these problems and optimizing the operation of the FCC equipment, it is possible to greatly improve the productivity / economy of products.

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