Furnace-Diagnosis Real-time Support System

Furnace-Diagnosis Real-time Support System (F-Dr.s) is a service that uses our engineering x digital x connected technology to provide safe, efficient, and flexible operation and maintenance support for process furnaces in customer plants, remotely and in real time via a web system.

  • Want to ensure the integrity of a furnace that is deteriorating with age with limited resources.

  • What inspections should be implemented for which furnaces? Want to connect operation and maintenance data for more effective management.

  • Engineering x AI x connected

  • F-Dr.s

Value Proposition

  • By evaluating the risk level of furnaces in a refinery based on the input data, it is possible to constantly screen the furnaces that should be monitored and decid on countermeasures that should be prioritized according to the operation, equipment change, or equipment damage.
  • By sharing the history of abnormality detection on the same Web site, information sharing between operation and maintenance personnel can become seamless.

We have more than 10 years of experience in furnace diagnosis technology, which is the basis of F-Dr.s, and have proven the effectiveness of extracting potential problems and improving maintenance accuracy through side-by-side evaluation of risk levels by using this service.

By making this service available on the Web, daily data can be evaluated remotely and in real time, enabling customers to identify and respond to issues in a timely manner, thereby contributing to the improved reliability of furnace operations.