LNG Plant AI

LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM, using Deep Learning AI technology, indicate parameters for continuous productivity improvement for the best LNG plant operations. It is a proven solution for LNG plant in operation.

  • Want to increase
    LNG production

  • How to optimize
    Without huge cost
    and schedule of

  • Engineering x AI

  • LNG Plant AI

Value Proposition

  • Economic returns from increased LNG production (up to around 5%
    per LNG train)
  • Agile and most cost-effective solution compared with hardware
    modification, debottlenecking and/or greenfield construction
  • No modification, no new sensor, no new instrument but only one laptop
    to transfer operational data to Chiyoda via cloud
  • No harm to the current operation
  • No additional operators while maintaining current operators
  • Transferring operation know-how
  • Levelling and level-up of operational shifts
  • Free selection of step-wise introduction of Performance Dash Board,
    Scoring Dash Board and LNG AI OptimizerTM

LNG Plant AI OptimizerTM is a proven solution for LNG plant in operation.

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