Furnace at the oil refinery

Trouble with furnaces has a huge impact on operations, so highly accurate preventive maintenance is required. One of the causes of the troubles that have been seen in recent years is the aging of furnaces, the need to shorten the process of maintenance work, and the increase in the difficulty of preventive maintenance due to changes in operation. Therefore, it is necessary to develop efficient and effective maintenance plans according to the individual conditions of each furnace and to improve the accuracy of detection of events that may lead to trouble.

F-Dr.s utilizes furnace diagnosis technology with more than 10 years of experience. By connecting operation and maintenance data on the Web, it is possible to monitor and evaluate equipment conditions and operations that change daily and yearly, remotely and in real time. In addition, we always stay close to the customer's furnace condition monitoring, planning, and evaluation work, and we provide remote support to screen furnaces that need to be monitored intensively and detect and respond appropriately to events that may lead to trouble in real time.

Our "Furnace Diagnostics" technology has been contributing to the discovery of potential problems in our customers' furnace equipment and the prevention of troubles. By making this technology available on the web, F-Dr.s will be able to provide remote, real-time services, contributing to the even safer and more stable operation of our customers' furnaces.

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